Broads Heritage and Environment

The Broads national park - a unique environment full of wildlife and history

Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust doors open on to the most biodiverse of any protected landscape in Britain and one of Europe’s most important wetlands for nature conservation. Over 11,000 species inhabit Broadland reedbeds, dykes and rivers with more than 1,500 being priority species for conservation. An incredible 66 iconic species can be attributed to our Broadland habitats alone.

Broadland has a rich cultural heritage too. We can sail to see enigmatic abbeys and historic mills, bring alive the history of early marshmen who cut reed for thatching or the scientists who first discovered the Broads’ medieval peat-digging origin.

With Broadland at the heart of all of Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust activities we aim to engage children and young people with this rich and inspiring local heritage as well as encourage future generations to take action to save it.